Space Dog | 47. Percy Polie | Jasiri is a tender engine who appears in the Spin Off Series of Emily! We’ll see if they managed to get anything.”. they became enemies, but he reformed in Season 3, "Battle of the Pride Lands.". Jasiri's hopes finally turned out to be true when Janja began to doubt his life in the service of Scar and when he was betrayed by the evil lion he sided with Kion and Jasiri to defeat him and even chose to accept the Circle of Life he had always despised. The Lion King: Simba | Nala | Timon | Pumbaa | Rafiki | Zazu | Mufasa | Sarabi | Sarafina | Pridelanders June 2020. requests for: lionguardfangirl Janja and Jasiri Genderbender (request) Saved by DeviantArt. Urgh..”, “You have a clan?” Jasiri asked. Ariel | Baileywick | Realizing that a new guard would make their lives and hunting more complicated and even impossible, Janja decided to launch a massive attack on Pridelands before the new guard is ready. I screamed as I was being chased by a pack of Ethiopian wolves. Then, they’re annoying.”. Strength Speed “I like pups,” said Jasiri, “They’re cute.”, “Yeah, they are kinda cute,” Janja said. Poppy Peepleson | The next day, Janja was part of the Pridelanders army who would fight in the Outlands against Scar's army while Kion and his friends will face Scar for the last time. Formerly the sworn enemy of Kion and The Lion Guard, Janja and his clan have many conflicts with them but generally ended in failure, those which led him to summon the ghost of Scar so that he could helped defeat the guard. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of a figure in the distance. Trina | Full Name they became enemies, but he reformed in Season 3, "Battle of the Pride Lands. Aww, who cares? Jun 26, 2016. Sammy | “At least now we’re even,” Janja said. Quita Moz, Miles from Tomorrowland Janja and Jasiri don't get along. 2. He then ran as fast as he could to Jasiri's territory. Whatnaught‎ | Olaf | She is able to easily defeat Cheezi and Chungu, before being pinned down by Janja. With Mzingo's help, they locate Vitani's pride and fight against them until Kion nearly uses the Roar to end the battle. Kindly Lady, Stanley Cheezi and Chungu, Nne and Tano, his clan, Jasiri (girlfriend) , Kion, Kiara, Simba, Nala, Fuli, Bunga, Beshte, Ono, Anga, Makini, Madoa, Vitani, Kovu, Scar (Formely) Ushari (formely) She thought. Not like they’re much use anyway. Family Osbourne | This is the Story On Kion and Zuri's Love. Jasiri asked clearly confused "uh I heard scar mention about the outsiders once or twice"Janja nervously admitted "How do you know about zira"Janja asked confused Jasiri sighed in defeat"she took over my family's watering hole and they wouldn't share it"Jasiri told Janja "I know exactly what to do come on"Jasiri told him confidential. Harriet | Despite this, Janja continued to stand up to Kion and his friends because he was not afraid of them until Kion uses the Roar to repel the Outlanders. Janja was a cruel, greedy and ruthless hyena that eats more than his fair share, when he met Kion. Janja, Bunga, Cheezi and Chungu surrounded Shabaha until the lioness throwed Bunga at Janja before chasing the other two hyenas. Miles Callisto | “Hee hee hee,” Janja giggled. Knowing that their clan has not the slightest chance against the Outsiders, Janja and Jasiri will seek Kion and the others at the Tree of Life, guided by an Asian leopard named Azaad. Janja began walking back to the volcano, a smile on his face. Janja ordered Cheezi and Chungu to grab the honey badger for the meal but they fail after Kion is awakened on the Roar of the Elders. Alice | Jasiri climbed up the rocky ledges slowly and carefully. Arriving at the Tree of Life, the two hyenas immediately notified the Lion Guard of the situation and without losing a moment they set off again for Pride Lands. Jelly Otter | Anga | Luckily, Kion returns and saves Jasiri by scaring Janja and his clan off with The Roar of the Elders. Kovu and the Outlanders have been welcomed back into the Pride Lands and Zira's dream of Kovu becoming king has come true when Kovu and Kiara are married. Well, of course, that’s what the burning smell was. Whirly Bird | Professor Inkling Octopus | June | If not, could you do a itte resume of what's it about? Sections of this page. Scar was finally destroyed and Ushari fell into the lava of the volcano and the victorious guard leaves the volcano so that Jasiri and Janja joined them and found that Kion was scratched in the eye during the fight. She couldn’t stop thinking about Janja. "Hey Jasiri, what you still doing here? Community. She's Kion's new friend and Janja's love interest. Now relieved that all is well, the hyenas returned to their territory, under the benevolent eye of the lions. He is the former leader of a clan of hyenas from the Outlands. Janja is a malehyena. My name’s Jasiri. Ono | Kovu and the Outlanders have been welcomed back into the Pride Lands and Zira's dream of Kovu becoming king has come true when Kovu and Kiara are married. Scar (deceased), Reirei, Ushari (deceased), Kiburi, Goigoi, Zira (deceased), Kion (formerly), Fuli (formerly), Beshte (formerly), Bunga (formerly), Ono (formerly), Anga (formerly), Makini (formerly), Jasiri (formerly), Kiara (formerly), Simba (formerly), Nala (formerly), Vitani (formerly), Cheezi and Chungu (briefly) Meanwhile, inside the den of Janja's clan... “NO FUR-BRAINS!” came a loud shout. Maia Mitchell gives Jasiri her speaking and singing voice. Basis Jasiri is based on the L&YR Class 28, a clas of 0-6-0 mixed-traffic Tender Locomotive designed by George Hughes for the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway and build by Horwich Works between 1909 and 1912. “You think you’ll ever have a family, Janja?” asked Jasiri. Rocket, 3rd & Bird M.E.R.C. Rudy | “Y’know, I kinda like ya too, Jasiri.”, Jasiri smiled. However, when Kion leaves, Janja (whom Jasiri has met before) and his clan arrive and try to attack Jasiri. June 2020. requests for: lionguardfangirl Janja and Jasiri Genderbender (request) Saved by DeviantArt. Janja is a friendly hyena and an ally of The Lion Guard.She appear rarely and sings rarely too, but all her songs are quite good. Hi I am jasiri I like to make friends I'm a good hyena “Sure, I guess. Janja frees himself and pins Jasiri down. Harry | Jasiri caught up with Janja and was panting heavily. Pinterest. “Really?” asked Jasiri. "Janja (Shrek) 2" Part 6 - Jasiri meets Maleficent//"Whether Your Parents Like it or Not, I Am a Hyena!" Janja and his clan later appear when they try to attack a female hyena named Jasiri, who had just helped Kion find Flat Ridge Rock in order to escape the Outlands. Quincy | “Maybe she’ll know where some food is.”. About. Chrysta | “What brings you all the way out here?”, “Just lookin’ around. See ya!” “See ya Jasiri!” Janja called after her. Princess Isabel | To summon Scar, they needed the angry Roar and for that, Janja kidnapped Kiara to attract Kion but the rest of the successful guards saved the young lioness. Jasiri woke up to the smell of something burning. Janja and Jasiri come to warn the Lion Guard about the return of the Outsiders. Beat it." He attacks but misses. Tweak Bunny | Kid | Hallie | Leo Callisto, The Lion Guard No longer believing she is beautiful, Jasiri is consoled by Janja, who tells her she always has been. Thanks for the fav buddy,I will draw more like that,especially one with human Jasiri and Janja having baby Alicia. It is also difficult to know if Janja has become an adult since he is older than Kion and Kiara, but it should also be noted that lions and hyenas do not age at the same rate. Jade | Then, out of the middle of nowhere, Janja leaped into the air from behind a rock and landed in front of Jasiri. “Well, I gotta go, Janja. "Janja (Shrek) 2" Part 6 - Jasiri meets Maleficent//"Whether Your Parents Like it or Not, I Am a Hyena!" Surak | In Rescue in the Outlands, Janja smiles with a somewhat dreamy expression when he says that Jasiri is fearless. Aurora | Olie Polie | Fran, Charlie and Lola Janja and Jasiri don't get along. King Roland II | Mia and Robin | Paxton | Mittens | Fuli | Janja always had to put up with males. Visitor Po your own Pins on Pinterest Hyena Kwazii Kitten | Then, she backed off of him. Jasiri: Sisi Ni Sawa means we’re the same Janja: It set something off inside my brain She says I can trust her But, I don’t know Could there really be a new way to go Janja and Jasiri: A new way to go A new way to go Say yes instead of no With the new way to go A new way to go A new way to go Make a friend from a foe With a new way to go Baby Butter Otter, Rolie Polie Olie Belle | Crackle | As a last resort, Janja provoked Kion by spanking him to understand that he and his hyenas will never give up and that the next time they will hurt one of Kion's relatives, which pushed the lion cub to use angry roar on Janja and unknowingly invoked Scar. Reply. R.R. “Thanks, I guess?”. “We’re supposed to only eat our share of food.”, “Yeah, yeah,” Janja said, “but it’s fun to break the rules sometimes, right?”, “Well,” Jasiri muttered skeptically, “I don’t think-“, “Come on!” Janja said, motioning for Jasiri to follow him, “Let’s go spy on the jackals!”. “JA-SI-RI!” he said, in between cackles. Professor Buffo | Annie | Princess Elena | When Jasiri pushes Cheezi away, Janja confronts her and wants to show her how a real hyena fights. Peanut Otter | Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? or. Maybe one of the others had found food. Sam Sandwich, Sofia the First See more of Jasiri on Facebook. It was moments like these that made him forget about being hungry. “Surely you’ve thought about it once before.”, Janja shrugged. See ya!” “See ya Jasiri!” Janja called after her. 2. The Lion Guard Songs. Shellington Sea Otter | Bold, spunky, and snarky, Jasiri is a hyena through-and-through, but unlike Janja, she is a fr… The amused, teasing smile Jasiri gives Janja every single time she looks in his direction. Kion suggests that Thurston accompany them to ward off any remaining flies, and the zebra agrees to his request. Special Agent Dotty | Janja is the first antagonist hyena in the. Marina | According to her, unlike Janja and his clan, most hyenas, especially her, respect the Being only a cub, Jasiri is small in size, with a thin frame and skinny legs. Chilly | On the night before the final battle, Janja visits Jasiri and implores her to help him rescue his clan members, who have been trapped in a fire set by Scar. They were running around chasing each others’ tails and yipping happily amongst each other. Coochie | Twice, Janja and the hyenas rubbed shoulders with two other members of the royal family, the first time it was Kiara who had appointed temporary queen and whom he had brought to the Outlands for a false request for peace but in truth for the trapped. Paw Pilot | He wiggle his butt like he is gonna twerk. Dennis | Oh well, he thought, if the volcano erupts with those fur-brains in there…He couldn’t help but laugh. Vampirina Hauntley | Baliyo | Jasiri understands and respects the Circle of Life, whereas Janja's clan of hyenas only care about themselves. KionxZuri by Spectacular Spider Fan. Jasiri smiled. !” ¡¡¡Janja and Jasiri!! Jasiri x janja by Averyweirdone 5.5K 24 6 What happens when Jasiri chases janja to a cave after he attacked tuna wema and madoa they were hurt jasiri was angry so she chased him away into a cave … She took a look toward the volcano located near the center of the Outlands and noticed that it was smoldering. Encouraged by Jasiri, Janja tried to gain the lions' trust by clumsily singing Sisi Ni Sawa until Jasiri clarifies that he had better say what he knows. Janja and his minions start a stampede in a wildebeest herd, but are chased back into the Outlands by Kion and The Lion Guard, but during the process, Ono gets sand in his eye, temporary losing sight in that eye. Captain Barnacles Bear | It smelled like another hyena. Janja thought. For being extremely hungry, Cheezi never failed to surprise Janja with his bursts of energy. Strength and Combat: Janja is also strong. The Lion Guard Triple D (Destiny, Dallas and Deja … Cedric | Josie | The volcano was active, and she hoped that when-or if it ever erupted-that she and the other Outlanders would be safe. "Janja (Shrek) 2" Part 7 - King Fergus and Maleficent Travel to Friar Fat Boy "Janja (Shrek) 2" Part 8 - King Fergus the Vast Makes a Deal to Kion Then, she giggled. Jasiri-Second Leader Janja Madoa Tunu and Hema Cheezi Chungu Mzingo Vitani-Third Leader Shabaha Kasi Imara Tazama Bunnicula Chester Harold Mumkey Patches Lugosi Discord Fluttershy Iago Thundra Princess Ember Clancee Dennis (OC) Kago Uto Donald Duck Jose Panchito Xandra Dylan Dalmatian Dolly Dalmatian Doug Dalmatian Delilah Dalmatian Dawkins Dorothy D.J. As Jasiri was sleeping, she smelled the scent of Janja that shows up right after and she asked him what he is doing on his territory. Help Jasiri to protect the Circle of Life. Janja’s eyes widened. Let’s just sit tight and wait until some of the other hyenas get back. “Well, I gotta go, Janja. Charlie Sonner | Bold and spunky, Jasiri is a hyena through-and-through, but unlike Janja, she is a friend to the Pridelanders. 1. Janja said turning his attention to me finally. Oh, tell me about it!” Janja exclaimed. Janja felt sweat fall from his forehead and sighed "Guess we'll just have to wait and see" jasiri smiled "well whatever the case I know you're gonna be a great father for our pups just don't mention the bad things you've done" janja rolled his eyes "jasiri?" Alpha: Janja is revealed to have leadership prowess that rivals Kion. Janja is a malehyena. Skye | Reply. There was a moment of silence, save the loud pants coming from both the hyenas. Reply. In season 3, Janja does not seem to have aged physically, although he seems to be a little bigger as he is the same size as Teen Kion who is much bigger than when he was a cub. He pounced onto Jasiri. “Where?”, “Oh, inside the volcano,” said Janja, “But you don’t want to meet them. “You’re not gettin’ away that easily!” Janja exclaimed. Posts. Janja rolled his eyes. Some time after the departure of the Lion Guard, the hyenas discovered that Zira had returned and planned to invade Pride Lands, now deprived of its best defenders. “Well, I-uh,” he stammered. He is the leader of his clan after all. Cinderella | Dashi (Suaci) Dog | Aunt Tilly | Before they made other victims, the Lion Guard confronted the hyenas and succeeded in repelling them. I was wondering, if you have a fanfic of it and where I could read it? Janja and Jasiri profess their love and share a kiss. Is that because I know that he know how to lead? Eat any animal he wants (formerly).Help Jasiri to protect the Circle of Life. Goliath | Doc McStuffins | ! Lion King Series Lion King Story Lion King Fan Art Le Roi Lion Disney Wallpaper Animated Gif Animation Humor Drawings Stuffy | Jasiri... disneyjunior; theoutlands; disney +16 more #7. I wouldn’t mind that,” Janja replied. The Lion Guard: Kion | Bunga | Fuli | Ono | Beshte | Jasiri | Makini | Anga | Tiifu | Zuri | Janja | Rani | Baliyo | Surak | Nirmala | Askari. Janja was already running ahead of her. Polina Polie | Janja told Kion that to defeat Scar, he must use the most powerful roar in the volcano. JoJo Tickle | Sasquatch | Not to mention very foolish males. Fifi | Komodo | “You really are shy, aren’t you!” Jasiri rubbed him underneath his chin. The sky in the Outlands looked darker than usual. Simba soon begins grooming both of them (though mostly Kiara) to rule the Pride Lands and protect the Circle of Life along with Kiara's younger brother Kion. He is the former leader of a clan of hyenas from the Outlands. In only a couple of minutes, they were back at the place they had originally met. [Verse 3: Janja] I never fucked Jasiri' and that's fucked up If I did fuck, she'd be fucked up Whoever is hittin' ain't hittin' it right 'Cause she act like she need dick in her life That's another story, I'm no story-teller I piss greatness, like goldish yellow All my goons so overzealous I'm from The … “Well, I gotta go, Janja. ), Elena of Avalor Occupation Posted Under. Janja jumped up and looked around panicky. Lotta | Aww thanks~ No, I did not write a fic about my headcanons, and I don’t plan to do it. The return trip was much faster thanks to the new mastery of the Kion Roar. However, Kiara and Kovu arrive to stop the fight, revealing that Kovu and the rest of Zira's pride have joined the Pride Landers. And you are?”, Janja laughed, then nonchalantly threw his paw out, saying, “The name’s ‘Janja’, haven’t you heard of me?”, “Actually, I wasn’t even sure that anyone lived out here,” said Jasiri. Jasiri jumps on top of him and kicks Cheezi, Chungu. She lowered her nose to the ground. Unlike Janja, Jasiri is friendly and is open to making frineds even from outside her tribe, thus why she is so open to Pax at first. Forced to flee, the hyenas returned to the Outlands but Janja stopped briefly and warned Kion that he may have won this time but that the next time will not be as easy. Jasiri just laughed. Sven | Janja began walking back to the volcano, a smile on his face. Bet I could totally beat ya!”, Janja lowered his front paws and kicked up some dust as he prepared to sprint. Jasiri's clan Jasiri (girlfriend) Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Adventure - Janja, Jasiri - Chapters: 4 - Words: 3,155 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 10/8/2016 - Published: 4/11/2016 - id: 11891215 + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten Next > Jasiri's POV "HELP!" Janja began to raise himself up, but Jasiri pushed him back down onto the ground, and rubbed her paws across his belly. Janja is surprised that she knows about Scar. The battle ended when Kiara accompanied by Kovu arrived and put an end to the fight by revealing that Zira is dead and that all the Outsiders have joined their pride. Thanks buddy,I am going to do that later today,so keep a eye out for it,and I am also going to do one with Chungu playing with Donnie . She turned back around and walked home, having had one of the best afternoons she’d had in a long time. Phoebe Callisto | That was the most fun he’d had since…well he couldn’t even remember since how long. She stretched out her legs and got up off the hard, rocky ground. Squeakers | That was the most fun he’d had since…well he couldn’t even remember since how long. Billy Bevel | “I’ll see ya later, Janja,” she said, winking at him. ". Janja is mentioned by Kion when Jasiri arrives in the Pride Lands with a problem. I watched him carefully for a moment, I can say that he walk very strange. Jasiri (The Lion King) Janja (The Lion King) Fluff and Humor; That's all I can think to tag this; Sorry Not Sorry; Summary. Janja and his clan or sometimes just accompanied by Cheezi and Chungu make numerous incursions on Pridelands but are still confronted with the Lion Guard. Peter Pan | Other The Lion Guard Songs. Francisco | Special Agent Oso | Jasiri tells Kion to listen to Janja. As expected, Janja and his clan infiltrated the repair located under Pride Rock and her chased by the Lion Guard but outside, the rest of Scar's army starts a fire on Pride Rock. Marv | Beshte | Accessibility Help. Gosh, I miss her already, he thought. Janja and jasiri go to the tree of Life. Zowie Polie | Later, Janja is among the many wedding / coronation guests of Kion and Rani. 5.2K 92 9. Tinker Bell | Janja and his clan are descendants of Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, and the hyenas from the original film. Croaky | A short humorous Spotted Lion oneshot, in which Zuri and Tiifu genuinely think they're helping, Jasiri is just amused, Tamaa doesn't know why he's even there, and Kion just wants everyone to stop trying to help. Jasiri is a friendly and communicative hyena whose personality is the opposite of Janja and his clan. Jasiri asks them if this is one of Scar's schemes too. Mr. Dos | Luckily, Kion returns and saves her by using the Roar of the Elders. Oxana Hauntley | Janja, Jasiri, Kiburi and Reirei had agreed to have a meeting about the Outlands, and it was determined that Jasiri was the most worthy to lead the Outlanders, as Janja and Reirei knew Jasiri would help the Outlands tremendously and Kiburi didn’t care much about it at that point. Clover | Unlike Janja's clan and Scar, Jasiri is friendly and open to making friends with the Pridelanders. He cried more and stopped in the middle of the clan, looking around scared for her. Luckily, Kion returns and saves her by using the Roar of the Elders. Jasiri | Photos . Spot | Jasiri and Kion sang Sisi Ni Sawa.Jasiri encourage her clan by Kwetu ni Kwetu and she sings in Janja’s head New Way To Go when he thinks about the how good to be good. Bridget | Queen Miranda | Janja Rani | There really are other hyenas living out here. In fact, he is just as strong as Kion as he was able to hold down his enemies that are his size such as Kion, Kiara, and Jasiri. The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: Kiara | Kovu | Vitani Penny | No longer believing she is beautiful, Jasiri is consoled by Janja, who tells her she always has been. Janja first admitted having thought about what she had told him about Sisi Ni Sawa before revealing Scar's betrayal and the current situation of his hyenas and the guard trapped under Pride Rock. 1. Man the den for me, kay?”. Janja shouted and ran out the den and looked left and right and then left again. Frank | 10 talking about this. When the song ended, Janja told his henchmen to follow him and that the Pridelanders will never be the ones to bite them. He then sings "Tonigth We Strike" to make it clear that the Outlanders don't care about Cirle of Life and do what they want when they want. Not Now. “YEAH!” Cheezi shouted enthusiastically. Janja and Jasiri Genderbender (request) by Sky-thepony65 on DeviantArt. Trust me.”, “Okay,” Jasiri laughed. Jun 26, 2016. aliciamartin851. Janja's clan attacked a herd of antelope and managed to kill two off screen. He squinted his eyes and tried to get a better look. As the strange hyena moved closer, Janja recognized that it was a female. Later, he and his clan join Jasiri's clan and submit to her leadership. Alias “I’m overdue for a meal.”, Janja sighed, “I need a break you guys. Jasiri said and Janja looked down at her. He then ran as fast as he could to Jasiri's territory. He plopped to the ground, hot and sweaty. Nlkk2. In fact the hyena wasn’t from his clan at all. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, when Kion leaves, Janja (whom Jasiri has met before) and his clan arrive and try to attack Jasiri.
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