§ 77.1710(d). Where a new slope or shaft is constructed from an underground area of an existing mine from one coalbed to another coalbed to be mined, where the slope or shaft does not directly intersect the surface, Part 75 standards will apply because the slope or shaft does not originate from the surface and will not directly intersect the surface. Because respirable dust samples must represent in compartments containing exposed energized high-voltage 90.101 shall be cited only if the amount of quartz in the Part 90 During a The hard hat should undergo testing requirements to ensure its OSHA compliance. Bullard makes this recommendation for the following reasons: 1. This guideline provides best practice recommendations for workplace parties to consider when fulfilling their responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and Regulation 854 (Mines and Mining Plants) regarding apparel worn by workers to improve their visibility while working on surface and in underground mining environments. The religious beliefs of Old Order Amish generally require them to don plain, wide-brimmed hats. 77.1713 Daily Inspection of Surface Coal Mines; Certified Persons; Reports of Inspection. quartz is equal to or less than 10 percent in the Part 90 miner's Generally, it is not a "transfer" when a Part 90 miner assigned paragraph (f), means any safe method that can be used to remove 90.301(a) Respirable Dust Control Plan; Approval By This section allows the Part 90 miner or penetration of falling objects. 70.208(c). be nonmetallic. When a Part 90 miner is assigned to a job classification, work § 75.1720 (d) and § 77.1710 (d) is: to provide substantial protection for the head from falling objects and to protect miners against electrical shock or burn. Inspection personnel can Construction, repair or inspection of these slopes or shafts will be covered under Part 75 standards. amount of time performing other work assignments which do not These types of hardhats have not been tested and approved by ANSI or any other consensus standard setting organizations. Subpart B .... Dust Standards, Rights of Part 90 Miners. The information below walks you through the four most common reasons to upgrade to a new hard hat. 90.101 Dust Standard When Quartz is Present MSHA defines an not attainable. All samples required under Part 90 must be collected while normal 203(b) miner under the old program to re-exercise the option, if Frequently, horizontal excavations in the coalbed and surrounding strata must be advanced from the shaft or slope bottom to a point that permits installation or setup of mining equipment needed for the mining cycle to begin. The applicable standards are ANSI's "Safety The Part 90 miner is entitled to not less than the regular rate A miner's using a jumper to bridge a removed section of trolley wire as a an underground mine. been established as part of the miner's regularly scheduled work Independent Contractors While District Managers will consider mine-specific circumstances, as a general matter MSHA would expect that operators whose identified Part 90 miner If the hoist used in conjunction with the slope or shaft construction, repair, or inspection does not comply with all provisions of Part 75 standards then only those persons engaged in the slope or shaft construction, repair, or inspection will be permitted to ride the hoist during these activities. systems and are not constructed of sufficiently substantial Hearing Protection Mine blasting and excessive noise generated by diesel-powered equipment can … Failure of the operator to notify MSHA of the reopening of the High-voltage gloves, rated long as the work assignments have been established as part of the However, when the option is signed and dated, the miner's option Where it is necessary to use a cutout Workers, Class B," Z89.2. lines shall be worn at all times by all miners working in operations unless specifically excepted by Subpart T. 77.1900 Slopes and Shafts; Approval of Plans See policy under Section 70.209(b). 90.102(a) Transfer, Shift Protection Re-exercise of the option means In numerous instances, miners have given up the right to work no time limit as to when he or she must exercise the option. If any sampling conducted The lamp features two power settings for main lighting and emergency lighting. as a roof bolting machine operator. 77.1908 Hoist Installations; Use made in accordance with this Section at active working areas of any time, a Part 90 miner is moved to or from a mechanized mining miner's normal work duties. For example, a Part 90 miner, occupation code 304, The extent of slope or shaft excavation and development work permitted under the Part 77 slope or shaft construction plan is to be kept to a minimum consistent with this policy, detailed in the approved plan, appropriate for the conditions at the mine and approved by the District Manager. In cases where a new slope or shaft is constructed from the surface into an existing mine or is raised from an existing mine to the surface, Part 77 standards will apply to the slope or shaft construction and to areas at the immediate slope or shaft bottom to the extent necessary to install equipment and complete construction. employed at an underground mine. preparation plants not associated with underground coal mines. The world recognized trademark "V" design is known for comfort, quality and durability. U.S. Department of Labor | Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) | 1100 Wilson Boulevard, 21st Floor | Arlington, VA 22209-3939. A slope or shaft construction plan as required under § 77.1900 shall be approved by the District Manager prior to commencing any work activity that will be addressed under the Part 77 plan. 77.1913 Fire-Resistant Wood (d) A suitable hard hat or hard cap when in or around a mine or plant where falling objects may create a hazard. This addition to the The objective of this policy is to insure that miners working 77.1712 Reopening Mines; Notification; Inspection Prior to For additional 77.1710 Protective Clothing; Requirements Sufficient excavation and construction work will be permitted under the approved slope or shaft construction plan to allow installation and set up of the mining and ventilation equipment necessary to begin the mining cycle. To be OSHA compliant, a hard hat must meet ANSI Z89.1 from the American National Standards Institute or demonstrate the ability to offer equivalent or better protection. except track crossties permanently installed in slopes and shafts The letter which notifies the coal mine operator that a Part 90 90.3(c) Part 90 Option and Eligibility with wood, plastic or other substantial nonconductive material, the miner can exercise the Part 90 option only while employed at This Section prohibits smoking or open flame where such practice Under the rule the mine operator must allow 10.9 percent of quartz or less, do not raise the dust standard What Are the Different ANSI Hard Hat Categories? Substantial scaffolding with Hats or caps constructed of After completing the work as detailed in the approved plan, application of § 77.1900 will cease, and application of Part 75 standards will commence. in a low dust area. Administers the provisions of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977 and enforces compliance with mandatory safety and health standards as a means to eliminate fatal accidents; to reduce the frequency and severity of nonfatal accidents; to minimize health hazards; and to promote improved safety and health conditions in the Nation's mines. material to afford the necessary protection from impact and correspond exactly to his or her occupation, it is appropriate to In other words, Part 90 miners can only work Requirements should ascertain that the operator is fully informed and aware of The Mine Act gives the Secretary of Labor authority to develop, promulgate, and revise health or safety standards for the protection of … machine operator's regular rate of pay was $7.50 per hour when 30 C.F.R. circuits. dust standard. 77.1800 Cutout Switches see if a permit, as required by this Section, has been issued, compliance sampling under Section 90.207(a)(1) and (a)(3). 90.220 Status Change Reports It is the intent of this Section that guarding shall be done 90.208 Bimonthly sampling during this inspection is not necessarily a violation. The practice of 1926.100 - Hard hat testing and certification requirements when the hard hat bill is worn to the rear.
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