You are now getting closer to having the PRINCE2 stages explained because the diagram below shows the first stage involves doing the specifying work and the first part of the design and development work. But there … This first process in PRINCE2® is a pre-project process. STAGE PLAN Project: Release: Date: PRINCE2 Author: Owner: Client: Insert Project Name Stage Plan Date: 22 March 2010 Document Ref: Version No: Page 2. As the end of a management stage is approaching, this process kicks in. management stages. 6. There are 7 processes that are compatible with the Core Principles and guide you through the project. Business Case This initial process involves the activities necessary to ensure a viable and worthwhile project. This involves a series … Instant access to the HD-Video training system, spreadsheets, exercises, project plans and more. PRINCE2 has activities for starting up, planning, running, controlling, and closing a project. It groups these activities into processes. as a baseline against which to monitor project PRINCE2 is a project management methodology that helps you. PTCoE N.V, Barbarastraat 13, 3120 Tremelo, Belgium. They have the same structure. The plan conforms to required corporate or programme standards, The plan incorporates lessons from previous project which should be checked by the Project Board, The Plan covers management and control activities especially quality activities, The plan supports the four approaches: Quality, Change Control, Risk and Communications. How can Product-Based Planning be done? The project board use this activity for one of two situations, either to approve the next Stage Plan as the current stage reaches completion, or to approve an Exception Plan if at some point during the current stage, the project manager had forecast that tolerance will be exceeded. A plan will show the products (scope) that will be delivered, perhaps the activities and resources required. Managing product delivery 6. A PRINCE2 plan is a document describing how Wayne and by whom specific target or set of targets will be achieved. Every PRINCE2 plan, whether it is at project, stage, or team level, should include a number of pieces of information such as a schedule, planning assumptions, lessons learned from previous projects, and product descriptions for the products that are within the scope of the plan. Manage by Exception: A PRINCE2 project has defined tolerances (6 aspects above) for each project objective, to establish limits of delegated authority. Managing a Stage Boundary. Initiating a Project takes time and consumes Resources. READ MORE on 19.3 PRINCE2 Agile guidance on Controlling a Stage Comparision of PRINCE2 Foundation eLearning Courses. Defining the activities to create the products may be OK for predictive projects where it easy to define the majority of the activities up front but this is not the case in al projects. The activities within this process are as follows: 1. A plan must contain enough detail and enough information to confirm that the targets are achievable. Writing of the project product description 2. It is essentially a plan for the planning of the project. 4. As per the Managing a Stage Boundary process, the Stage Plan must be approved in advance by the project board. The plan supports the management controls defined in the project controls section of the Project Initiation Documentation. The following diagram demonstrates that principle: If the current stage is forecast to go out of tolerance, then the Project Manager will create an Exception Plan instead of a next Stage Plan. Once the PID is signed off, then all remaining stages (there may only be one), need to be authorized, and the project board will have delegated day-to-day control to the project manager for each remaining stage, one at a time. How to best go about creating the products? The Stage Plan is likely to be formal, in a less or more traditional way. A Project Plan provides the READ MORE on Exception Plan Prince2. Team Plans (if used as they are optional) could comprise just a schedule appended to the Work Package(s) assigned to the After the initiation stage, as soon as the project board has approved the project, and the next stage plan (or exception plan), the project manager can proceed with the next stage by issuing instructions about work to teams. Processes describe who is responsible for taking decisions and when. These Management Stages are separated by Decision Points (also known as “Control Points”) by the Project Board. PRINCE2® and PRINCE2 Agile® are registered trade marks of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. Directing a project 3. Just like when creating the Project Plan, here too the Project Manager will involve other people like the Team Managers and subject matter experts to create a robust Stage Plan. They may reject some of the documentation including the stage plan or exception plan and ask the project manager to make alterations or corrections, and come back to them for an approval. Managing a stage boundary 7. The stage plan is updated. and a detailed stage plan, which indicates the work that needs to be done. Starting up a project 2. 3. Plans are the backbone of the management information system of any project and a project's plans must always be kept in step with the Business Case. In fact, defining the activities in detail upfront can give a false sense of security that all will be perfect :-). 2. In making this decision, the project board will want to look back and ensure the current stage has proceeded satisfactorily, look up, and ensure that the Project Plan and Business Case remain viable, and look forward, by approving the next stage plan. 1.7 PRINCE2 2017 – Managing a stage boundary. How it will be achieved and by whom? PRINCE2 wiki is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International. - shows what will be produced and when - documents the cost of the Initiation Stage . The important principle here is that the next stage is not started until the project board have authorised it.
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