When it comes to spring crappie, I really prefer targeting pre-spawn fish. Observe for Signs of Life. Crappies will seek out some type of shallow gravel bank, with a deep water structure close by. I personally find with crappie that dawn into the late morning (like 10 am) is the best time to go out. Posts: 7. © 2020 Copyright Freshwater Fishing Advice, If you want to become  better crappie angler and go from novice to the best crappie angler on your lake, you really need to check out this, If you want an unfair advantage over other anglers and to get your hands on some of the best and hardest to acquire baits and lures on the market, you need to check out Mystery Tackle Box. In this video Dan Meyer gives 3 tips to help you catch more crappies from shore. Hit up your marina where you have access to docks that spread out over and near deeper water. Crappie love feeding on minnows and shad the most of any natural prey item. R. RealCamSmith OP. No boat no problem! Data from recent angler surveys at Lake O’ the Pines , which is near Marshall , indicated that 25-35 percent of the fishing pressure was by anglers targeting crappie throughout the year. Casting at angles will allow you to cover more water and test out different depths longer than simply casting straight out. Check Out Marinas. 2. Typically smaller males will be closer to the bank. Smaller males will be closer to the bank and bigger females will be a bit further out. Crappie like slow-moving baits. by rjahqsgu-ca 14.7k Views. Shad are tougher to catch and even tougher to keep alive in a bucket. Crappie are a great fish to target year-round because of their voracious appetite, great tasting flesh, and challenging nature. I like pre-spawn fishing better as crappie are most focused on eating and not on spawning but when fishing from shore, the spawn is better. This will help you tremendously especially the closer to shore you get. In the bigger coves, fish right down the middle, especially if you can follow the old channel. The best locations for bank fishing for crappies are small lakes, rivers and some ponds where crappies have been found. Spillways damming man-made reservoirs are crappie guide Todd Huckabee’s favorite spots for summertime shore fishing. Live Bait I think most anglers tend to reel in the baits too fast. River Bank Crappie. Click here to read my full review of Mystery Tackle Box. This slow approach is a proven crappie killer. If you are catching smaller, more aggressive fish, you are catching males. You need to keep hitting trees until you find ones that hold crappie. Crappie like slow-moving baits. Look for steeper banks with weeds, docks, and rocks. While many crappie fisherman use live bait, others prefer to use artificial bait called jigs to fish for crappie from the bank. Jigging spoons and soft plastics near deeper weeds and under docks is a great way to catch crappie. Night fishing for catfish from the shore. They are hungry for big meaty prey and this is a prime time to take advantage. Crappie prefer to feed at low light so dawn and dusk will be the best time to catch just about any kind of fish during the prespawn. Simply attach a small float a few feet above your marabou jig or soft plastic. You don't have to own a boat to catch massive slabs! Here in Texas, legal crappie fishing is generally accepted to be any fish 10" long minimum and with a maximum per day bag limit of 25. Use basic sonar to see how far out the tree is in the water. I’m not sure another food item aside from maybe zooplankton even comes close. Data from recent angler surveys at Lake O’ the Pines , which is near Marshall , indicated that 25-35 percent of the fishing pressure was by anglers targeting crappie throughout the year. This is a great way to catch stream crappie. Crappie are probably the most sought-after fish in America. There are two things you can do to find crappie while bank fishing, First you can look in the right areas. After finding schools of crappie with your electronics, select a 2-inch medium-diving crankbait to troll through the schooling fish. This lack of pressure can lead to great fishing for river bank crappie. Minnows are available at most bait shops and are much hardier than shad. This will avoid spooking the fish further inside. This light of line will enable the best casting of tiny crappie jigs. After you find a bank with access to deeper water and abundance of weeds, submerged trees, rocks, or with docks, you need to place your bait either fairly tight to the structure early morning and late afternoon as fish will be adjacent to cover or right in the cover if fishing midday. This is a crappie hotspot you can fish in the hot summer or the cold winter and expect to consistently catch crappie. During fall, their primary focus is on chasing shad wherever they move. “Late summer is the perfect time,” he said. The numbers of years I’ve fished from the bank with my dad and uncles causes me to want to fish from the bank, when I fish the creek during the winter months. Opt for live minnows or grasshoppers. That is why I really like using a bobber rig with my lures so the bobber will force you to fish slower. I really like using 2-toned lures with a combination of a dark and a light color like black/yellow. Reduce the size of your baits and fish them slower since crappie near the bank will be wary of fishermen and threats nearby. Rig one of the rods with a jig (or a minnow) under a bobber. Use 1 to 2-pound test mono, 1/32-ounce jig heads, and smaller tube jigs. Fishing for crappie from the shore or bank is actually quite easy to do during the spring and summer months. 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