In 2001, Aleta was awarded a Fellowship from Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. Your email address will not be published. Originally from Maine, Caitlin has a BA in European history from the University of Vermont, and an MA in religious history from Boston College, where she studied women fighting for agency in society and religion during the late Medieval/early modern period and colonial New England. Aleta Margolis founded Center for Inspired Teaching in 1995, and served as the organization’s Executive Director until 2016, when she assumed the role of President. Dixon holds a bachelor’s degree from Spelman College, a master’s degree in education from the University of St. Thomas, and a Juris Doctorate from the Howard University School of Law. Her experience includes litigation, licensing and IP strategy in corporate restructuring and acquisitions. I’m glad you found it useful! A thriving classroom community requires the teacher to know each students, and the students to know each other. If we want students to be creative, self-directed learners, we need to go beyond student engagement and into empowerment. Agency is a hot topic in the education community right now. Help Inspired Teaching ensure that student voices are heard in all classrooms throughout the District. Originally from California, she holds a BS in Financial Management and Investments from California State University, Long Beach. She earned a Master’s degree in elementary education from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2001. With this continuum tool, students practice self-regulation and move their placeholder from one emotion to another depending on how they are feeling throughout the day. Teachers learn how to identify and integrate the Inspired Teaching Instructional Model into their classrooms. I am an older teacher who isnt very proficient with computers. They can even be for offline tasks or a combination of online and offline tasks. He stayed in Georgia to get his Master’s in Secondary Social Science Education at the University of Georgia. I used them for listening and speaking in my language acquisition classes! How do we really know that the color I see is the same color someone else sees? from George Fox University. In Education Reimagined’s lexicon, Learner Agency is the “methodological development of both the capacity and the freedom of learners to exercise choice regarding what is to be learned and to co-create how that learning is to take place” (italics mine). Lead teachers gradually release all classroom responsibilities to the Fellow over the course of the year, facilitating growth in all aspects of the profession. Not only does it enhance agency but, as researchers found, “simply telling learners that they would later teach another student changes their mindset enough so that they engage in more effective approaches to learning than did their peers, who simply expected a test.” Agency has attracted considerable attention, especially of late. Prior to joining City Year, Jeffrey served as the Director of Global Business Development and Project Manager of Voxiva, a Senior Consultant at Deloitte Consulting, Associate Director of Marketing and Sales at Corporate Executive Board, and a Consultant at the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group. Student agency may be as important an outcome of schooling as basic skills according to a new Harvard study. Time: half dayAppropriate for: all educators at all grade levels. While it’s a method of self-assessment, it also serves to guide students in what they can and should do to be better students. Asking students to define the purpose of the work they do and then decide how they want to demonstrate learning can be an incredibly powerful exercise. Educators at all levels are asking how they can give -- or help students develop -- ownership of their learning, allowing them choice and flexibility in terms of learning environment, subject matter, pace, and more. We start to create this culture on the very first day of school, but it’s... 2. When students work on a project, I will often allow them to decide on the topic, articulate the path for how they want to complete it and ask them to think about the purpose of the project and propose a product. A simple approach is to think about the what, how, and why of a lesson, assignment, or project and give students the opportunity to answer one of those questions. Aug 20, 2018 - How does learner agency influence the need for 'classroom management'? You can ask learners to do the same. The dream is that student agency creates an engaging, more empowering learning environment so learning is impactful and sustainable for a lifetime. Privacy Policy. Instantly and easily applicable ways to develop agency – thank you! Go to their website to create a free account and find out more. In this article, the focus is on one learner’s agency on a higher education language course and the way it relates to the notion of life-long learning. John Nolan is a finance executive with over 30 years of of experience at organizations of various sizes. What steps can we take to make online learning equitable and respectful for all our students? Inspired Teaching will make periodic visits to Fellows’ classroom for program evaluation purposes to assess the success of alumni as Inspired Teachers. The teaching profession is already rife with time-consuming activities that don’t always benefit our students. Thank you! As an English teacher, I loved reading Craig Raine’s poem “A Martian Sends a Postcard Home” with my students. This 3-day course is built to support elementary school teachers who want to grow and enhance STEM instruction in their classrooms. In this type of classroom environment, educators can provide opportunities for multiple forms of evidence of student learning so that test scores are not the only source of data. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies from the University of Richmond, a Masters in Education from the University of Maryland and certificates in Administration I and II from Hood College’s Educational Leadership Program. Individual giving highlights the grassroots support of the work we do for the Washington, DC community. Fellows join a national network of like minded individuals working to serve their country. For specific information, visit the NEA Foundation’s application instructions page. In this 1-day course, educators will investigate various forms of authentic assessment, and how authentic assessment can be applied in their individual grades and content areas. Residency year partner sites are innovative urban schools that are dedicated to supporting new teachers, and showcasing best teaching practices. In addition to leading Camino Consulting, Jeffrey also serves as Adjunct Professor at American University where he designed and currently teaches a graduate class in nonprofit management. The conversation does not end here. She has managed and/or supported more than three dozen DC public schools and public charter schools in various capacities. Hetal oversees all finance, operations and HR functions for Center for Inspired Teaching. Two weeks or more before the course you may receive a 50% refund or reschedule. They will also experience authentic assessment from a student perspective to establish a firm point of reference in contrast to traditional assessments of learning. Curious about how improvisational theater can add excitement and build relationships in your classroom while helping students to master content? Each day of a course is 6 hours of credit – we will provide a certificate upon completion of the course. This culminates in a student exhibition where learners present and explain their work to the community, including parents, teachers, students and invited guests. Take a critical look at different models for informal STEM programs with the goal of designing new programs or improving existing ones, Take a deep dive into the Next General Science Standards (NGSS) as a way to connect with the formal school system, and as a framework for designing meaningful STEM programming. The school is a primary partner site for the Inspired Teaching Residency, welcoming many Inspired Teaching Fellows each year for their Residency Year. Play enhances learning and it important during both recess and academic instruction. They need to own the learning. Empowers students to choose their final products and projects! Prior to joining Inspired Teaching, Hetal spent nine years serving as the Director of Finance and Administration at an international DC based NGO, Bank Information Center. When teachers themselves are intrinsically motivated and engaged in the teaching process, it is far more likely that they will teach in a way that nurtures intrinsic motivation within students, thereby eliminating the need for harsh, teacher-determined disciplinary procedures and fully teacher-directed and teacher-centered learning. Learners must have a belief that their behaviour and... Agency is interdependent. By the end of our discussion I had received almost more than I’d given. Participants in this course should be familiar with student-centered instructional strategies. Kathryn Eliscar enjoys making order out of chaos. This is especially true when we don’t have the same opportunities to get to know them in person. How might we do things differently this fall? Shanika is a former elementary school teacher, principal and high school turnaround specialist. Create a culture of inquiry and creativity. Join this introductory workshop from Inspired Teaching to learn more. This 2-day course is built for informal educators who are interested in improving their instructional practice in STEM, and in building strong STEM programs that work in concert with the PK-12 school system. Additionally, if you refer other individuals or schools for engagements with Inspired Teaching, we will gladly discount your next contract in appreciation for helping us reach new teams and schools! Our 20th anniversary “teacher feature” series, recently highlighted Mr. Abdu’l-Karim Ewing-Boyd, an alumnus of the 2006 Inspired Teaching Institute and an educator at Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School. Nina is passionate about engaging youth in critical civil discourse, educational equity, and arts accessibility in marginalized communities. What messages are we unintentionally conveying through our email or video communications with students and their families? They were supported to take risks with their learning and were open to feedback that would improve their work. The walls of Inspired Teaching classrooms are papered with student ideas, from a class-generated set of norms and expectations to an “emotions continuum” that allows students to share their feelings and learn about those of their classmates. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not a brand new change but rather a shift towards a greater emphasis of providing more deliberate autonomy for our students, thus developing leadership. Dr. Catlin Tucker, Station Rotation Model: Avoid Falling into a Rut, Using Computers in the Classroom: Shifting from Consumption to Creation. Student creativity, collaboration, and engagement increase when learning situations include real-life scenarios and they set their own learning agenda. Appropriate for: all educators at all grade levels. Instead of motivating students by external rewards or teacher demands, classrooms that cultivate curiosity and students’ love of learning deepen student growth. At the end of a project, some students have built physical models others have designed multimedia presentations and others have created digital artifacts. Visible Learning at Teach Starter. Currently, Kaneia’s work as a professional coach focuses on one-on-one and small group coaching and motivational speaking. Posting the question on Twitter brought responses such as these: After listening to Derek Wenmoth's video, our teachers collectively came up with a list of words that characterise agency. He has deep experience in implementing and improving controls and other financial processes across organizations. She practiced law as a civil litigator at Goodell DeVries, LLP in Baltimore, and taught 7th and 8th Grade English and ESL in Houston, Texas. … She has held prior roles leading fundraising for Teach For America-Baltimore and leading National Talent Acquisition for Teach For America. She earned a Master’s degree in elementary education from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2001. Kaneia Crumlin is an education consultant, writer, speaker and a native Washingtonian. Student-Teacher-Task Required fields are marked *, © 2020 Dr. Catlin Tucker. Systems and processes, often formalised as in the example following, provided structure and support for independent learning. However, the ability to make key decisions about their learning is a powerful motivator for students. He returned home to DC in 1997 and spent thirteen years teaching social studies at Bell Multicultural High school (now the Columbia Heights Educational Campus) where he led the social studies department as well as the tennis and debate teams. There is value in challenging students to think through a task, assignment, or project and articulate their own path for completing that work. The school, a professional learning community of master teachers and teacher residents, ensures that a diverse group of students achieve their potential as accomplished learners, thoughtful citizens, and imaginative and inquisitive problem solvers through a demanding, inquiry-based curriculum. Fellows embody the Inspired Teaching Instructional Approach and tap into each child’s innate desire to learn. For example, if we are researching Elizabethan England to complement our reading of Romeo and Juliet, I invite students to decide what aspect of that period most interests them–the plague, entertainment, fashion, gender roles, musical instruments, the monarchy–and research that topic. In this course, we’ll explore a variety of ways to infuse discussion into classrooms so that students contribute more content and own the discussion itself. Participants will learn how to directly apply these skills to speci c roles and situations. However, this one-size-fits-all approach does not encourage students to think critically about what they are being asked to do or how they would approach solving a particular problem. Nevertheless, perceptions of language learners as nonagentive persist. When I work with teachers, I am quick to point out that student agency does not mean students make all of the decisions, but it does mean they get to make some of them. To foster insightful and innovative professional learning and growth, the grants allow you to implement new teaching methods and strategies in the classroom. Her overarching professional goal is to do what she can to make the world a kinder place. Dixon has dedicated her career to advocacy, social justice, and developing others to become ever stronger leaders and agents of change. Becoming an Inspired Teaching Fellow represents a long-term commitment to the field of education and to Center for Inspired Teaching. Introduce one to one devices or BYOD and give students the freedom to use technology in a variety of ways. Karol Kepchar is a partner at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP where she assists clients in implementing an efficient, cost-effective, process-based approach to managing and leveraging intellectual property (IP) assets through litigation and licensing programs. Prior to her current role as the Digital Content Strategist and Research Lead at Amazon – Shanika’s experience includes serving as the Vice President of National Urban Markets Initiatives at McGraw Hill Education, the Vice President of Curriculum and Instruction at Discovery Education, the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary & Secondary Education for the D.C. State Education Office, as well as time as a School Performance Officer for DC Public Schools. has been cited by the following article: TITLE: Analyzing the Effectiveness of Simulation in Promoting Learner Autonomy: Perceptions of ESP Hotel Management Students In the spring semester, Fellows begin taking coursework at Trinity Washington University in the evenings, helping to make connections between education theory and the classroom practice being observed in their residency year. All of these skills are at the heart of the improvisational artist’s repertoire. While Nina’s work with Center for Inspired Teaching is her first experience with a DC-based educational program, she worked with the Freedom Schools program as a Servant Leader Intern for three years, and has a developing interest in museum education; she recently completed a year-long archival and curatorial internship at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and National Museum of African American History and Culture, and looks forward to finding ways to integrate what she learned into her work with Speak Truth. The standards-based curriculum and student goals are centered
 on the 4 I’s: Intellect, Inquiry, Imagination, and Integrity. Appropriate for: STEM Teachers and other STEM educators who work with students in grades PreK – 5th grade. My friend George describes this as a continuum based upon student agency. Hetal’s 15 years of experience in finance and operations also include working with the New York Charter School system and experience working closely with teachers and students. Although many teachers recognize the importance of making students active agents in the classroom, it is easy to overlook student agency when we plan our lessons. Jéri graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor’s in Communication and Culture. Elly’s recent work in Montgomery County Public schools has focused on curriculum development, school improvement, and professional learning. What is student agency? "The Influence of Teaching Beyond … She has taught Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 3rd-5th grade English Language Arts. Classrooms displayed vibrant looking learner prompts and checklists to encourage independent learning and reflection. Managers will experience what an engagement- based work environment feels like, through activities that inspire them as learners and professionals. This form of leadership can be viewed as deliberate, independent decision … As a group, we will explore various meanings and stances around equity to grapple with both the ambiguity around the word “equity” itself and its implementation in schools. Greetings from Peru Learner agency is a specific hyponym of human agency applying to students within learning organizations, and occurring in aspecific place: the classroom. All rights reserved. Grants may fund professional learning experiences, such as summer institutes or action research, mentoring experiences or lesson study. As teachers of record, Fellows are supported by intensive mentoring as they create classrooms grounded in instructional best practices and foster strong relationships with students. Caitlin has over six years of experience engaging both youth and adult learners. It can also take the form of rewards or punishments. These grants are self designed and allow teachers to create their own professional learning opportunity based on what is most beneficial to their teaching in their own opinions. Employees will engage in activities that shift mindsets and improve 21st century skills including critical thinking, creativity, and systems thinking. If they can define why they are doing a task, they can also make informed decisions about what they want to produce to show they have learned. The students were free to play and explore with different toy vehicles in the classroom with sand on the table and floor. She has been working in the nonprofit sector for the last fifteen years, both in executive and governance roles. She received her J.D. Are you interested in experiencing a different kind of professional learning that models what engagement-based instruction looks like? I originally developed it for my 6th grade students, and now engage teachers in the challenge of choreographing a dance with parallel and perpendicular lines; acute, right, and obtuse angles; concentric circles; odd, even, and prime numbers; and many more mathematical concepts. Fellows who complete 1700 hours of service are eligible for a Segal AmeriCorps Educational Award of $5,920 which can only be used for repayment of student loans, for future costs at institutions of higher education, or for educational training. Inspired Teaching’s research and program evaluation team conducts regular surveys of alumni, allowing for observation of longitudinal trends. This not only enhances the ow of discussion, but also fosters a workplace environment that welcomes new and innovative ideas. Washington, D.C. educators can receive PLU hours for participating in courses. from Fairfield University, and a Masters in International Affairs and an M.B.A. from American University. What are the benefits of promoting learner agency in the classroom? Applications are due in January. Increase creativity & innovation in problem solving, new product development, etc. from Yale Law School and her B.A. Fund for Teachers is unique in that it awards grants for professional learning based on the principle that the teacher is the one who knows what they need to grow as an educator. In previous posts I’ve talked about the student and the task and now I’ve added the teacher. Love the choice board Catlin. All three components are crucial to Student/Learner Agency. Students teaching others develops agency in similar ways to tutoring. Aleta holds a BA in Theatre Arts from Brown University, and an MS in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern University. Prior to that, John spent a decade as CFO and then CEO of Quadel Consulting, a provider of services to low income housing programs. Whether it is a handful of crumpled receipts, or an excel file listing of expenses, she’ll build a chart of accounts, translate the raw data into accounting software, and generate financial reports needed for managing cash flow, tracking receivables and payables, complying with funder reporting requirements, and filing taxes. This workshop can be tailored to directors/managers, or all employees. Why is it important?” Recently, the Nellie Mae Education Foundation hosted a #WhatIsSchool Twitter chat, which focused on strategies to develop student agency in the classroom. Access school or district professional learning funds: Some districts have professional learning discretionary funding for schools, or other funds that can be accessed for this purpose. John also served for six years on the corporate advisory board of So Other Might Eat (SOME), the DC based poverty services organization that is greatly expanding its job training programs. Success in school and in the workplace requires quick thinking, constant adaptation, creativity, and a willingness to accept and build on novel – and at times, bizarre – ideas. The school is a primary partner site for the Inspired Teaching Residency, welcoming many Inspired Teaching Fellows each year for their Residency Year. It gives me great joy (and contentment) to build a fire in the backyard fire pit and talk with friends or just sit with my own thoughts. The application encourages educators to think about their objectives, motivations and the impact their particular plan of action will have on students.
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