Relocation Executives: According to a recent HR Magazine article, relocation was down in 2008 but the numbers are still huge. Preferred Corporate Housing has created a National Accounts Program which allows for Account Management Tools, preferred pricing, furniture upgrades and inclusion in the Preferred Placement Program which allows for "first shot" at available housing after a disaster. Corporate Living Solutions provides more than 4,000 temporary & corporate housing options and locations nationwide. Preferred Corporate Housing has had the privilege of working with some of the top companies in the US and around the world. We employ the latest, state-of-the-art, technology, which allows us to offer corporate housing in over 42,000+ cities nationwide providing Preferred Corporate Housing with the largest corporate housing service area in the industry. For the housing to qualify, there must be a direct nexus between the lodging furnished and the business interests of the employer. These two groups account for over 54% of the market. As temporary housing specialists, Blu can source, secure and manage all your furnished accommodation needs anywhere in the country. Hotels limit your food options to fast food, room service or dining out. News: Mobility and Corporate Housing Trends, The Changing Relocation Front: Housing Woes force companies to Re-strategize their Relocation Policies, Mistakes to Avoid When Renting a Furnished Rental, CHBO Spotlight: Raleigh and Durham, NC, Corporate Housing. Preferred Placement Program - The Preferred Placement Program is a program created after the 2006 Hurricane Season and allows for companies to register with Preferred Corporate Housing and receive "first shot" at available housing after a disaster. CRS Temporary Housing has been a joy to work with. Why is Preferred Corporate Housing the perfect solution for the management of your temporary housing inventory? PLEASE NOTE. The benefits of corporate housing manifest themselves when longer term temporary housing is an issue. National Account Program - Does your company need assistance managing more that 20+ corporate apartments per year? Your goal in the corporate housing arena is to create an offering that is 40% to 50% less expensive than the benchmark hotel for a month stay. We love to share what we know in order to help you become more knowledgeable and successful renting furnished properties. Corporate Housing can offer accommodations up to twice the size of a hotel. Its name derives from the fact that corporate housing is often used primarily by companies to house employees for longer periods of time in order to save the cost of hotel bills. CHBO can allow a family to relocate to find the perfect job because it gives them the option to rent their current home and test drive a new furnished home at their chosen destination. Corporate housing refers to any type of housing that offers fully furnished units for longer-term stays. Preferred has also created an industry network of over 1,500 other corporate housing providers in which Preferred can provide fully furnished "wholesale" units. It is required as a condition of employment. The apartment was furnished, and close to work. In addition, our CEO is a nationally recognized real estate broker and member of the NAR (National Association of Realtors). If the client has a need in multiple cities, usually multiple offices are engaged in the finding and management of local accommodations. ( 1,2 and 3 bedrooms) Full Size Kitchens. Wish I … Centralized Management - One of the problems plaguing national corporate housing providers is the ability to service a client on a national basis by coordinating housing requests with the local company offices. Do You Use a Lease When Renting Your Furnished Rental? Over the past 40 years, however, corporate housing has evolved into a mainstream lodging segment and today serves a wide range of diverse business travelers and individuals in need of temporary housing. AHI furnished apartments include spacious, fully equipped kitchens, complete with everything you need to enjoy a home cooked meal while on the road. The corporate housing industry has been a significant growth segment of the lodgin… If you prefer to call, the leasing department can be reached during normal business hours at (877) 683-4359. Make a point of looking at the pictures and descriptions of the housing that they offer, and consider whether your property is a good match. If it isn't, check out other companies. Our dedication to customer service and process innovation makes us the first choice among temporary housing companies for property adjusters and insurers nationwide. To learn more about how working with TP Corporate Lodging can provide safe, temporary housing for your employees and significant tax benefits for your company, give us a call at 800.428.9997. This entry was posted in News Releases . Stay flexible & work on your schedule. Preferred Corporate Housing has spent the last ten years and thousands of hours building our housing inventory and has generated over 175,000 housing quotes for our clients in the last 3 years alone. Account Management Tools - Preferred Corporate Housing is the technology leader in the corporate housing industry by providing online access to individual housing requests while PCH is finding housing, access to online quotes and detailed account management information after housing is secured. Begin your short-term rental search by selecting a location above. Alternatively, if the employers do not pay any rent (e.g. Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments Landlord and Rental Blog by CHBO, Top reasons to stay in corporate or furnished rental home over a dingy hotel, Be Careful if you Substitute your Current Listing with a Different Listing, Who uses Corporate Housing: Relocation and Consultants. The folks at Premier Corporate Housing helped me find the perfect apartment. Business Consultants: CHBO would also like to take this opportunity to salute 2009’s Top Consultants according to Consulting Magazine and thank them for using Corporate Housing. The Cartus Global Network is Cartus' industry-leading worldwide service provider network. The technology sector generates the most demand for corporate housing by industry. Preferred Corporate Housing has earned the confidence of leading companies for a decade as outlined in our Past Performance Report as well as our Disaster Relief Case Study. Corporate Housing And Corporate Apartments Your Way Weichert Corporate Housing is a leading national provider of corporate housing and corporate apartments, fully furnished apartments for rent, short term rentals, temporary housing and serviced apartments for large enterprises, government agencies, military personnel and extended stay business travelers. Your email address will not be published. I highly recommend them. From the beginning of the Corporate Housing Industry there have been two primary consumers of corporate housing (1) Relocating Executives and (2) Business Consultants. If your city isn’t listed yet, please contact us with the necessary details and we will email you our vacancy for your desired location. Required fields are marked *. I had full use of the property's amenities, and it was much more affordable than hotels and vacation rentals. Contact CHBO at 877.333.2426 and get registered with CHBO to advertise or locate short term rentals. Our management team is part of the first group to earn the designation of CCHP (Certified Corporate Housing Provider) given out by the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) which is our industry's trade organization. Corporate housing is a term in the relocation industry that implies renting a furnished apartment, condo, or home on a temporary basis to individuals, military personnel, intern groups, or corporations as an alternative to a traditional hotel or an extended hotel stay. Industry Experience - At Preferred Corporate Housing, we have been perfecting the corporate housing industry for over a decade. Yes, this means big money. In 2008, 11.9% of the population relocated and $24 billion dollars is spent annually on US corporate relocation. What is the difference between serviced apartments and managed corporate housing? We work with oil companies, suppliers, crews and individuals to provide quality rentals across the nation. Learn more about CHBO on our About CHBO page. Search and book your corporate housing and furnished housing rentals throughout the world. For the seventh successive year, relocation was the largest reason for using corporate housing in the US, with project/training as the second largest reason. where the property is owned by the employer), employers can continue to use AV of the property to report the accommodation benefits and the value of furniture and fittings is to be determined based on 40% (partially furnished) or 50% (fully furnished… Corporate housing on Airbnb offers self check-in. Proprietary Software Solution - Preferred Corporate Housing has spent over 16 years creating a proprietary software solution that allows us to provide furnished quotes in over 44,000 cities in all 50 states nationwide. If you would like more information or to view a demo, contact our National Accounts Department. For example, a typical vacation rental has a high PPD because it requires a great deal of maintenance. CORPORATE HOUSING AND FURNISHED APARTMENTS LANDLORD AND RENTAL BLOG BY CHBO. GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – October 27, 2020 – National Corporate Housing, a global leader in corporate furnished housing, was honored for outstanding performance at Cartus Corporation's 2020 Global Network Conference, held virtually from October 7-16, 2020. To learn more, you should visit our National Accounts Page to learn more about our National Accounts Program. Preferred Corporate Housing has spent the last ten years and thousands of hours building our housing inventory and has generated over 175,000 housing quotes for our clients in the last 3 years alone. According to Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), the industry's tradeorganization, corporate housing revenue was $10 billion in 2019 and $2.47 in 2010. We love to share what we know in order to help you become more knowledgeable and successful renting properties. Download key industry statistics from US and Canada I would definitely recommend Premier Corporate Housing to anyone in need of temporary housing. Yes if the corporation (employer) pays for the housing, then the employer gets to take a tax deduction for the cost. How do you pay for your Monthly Furnished Rentals, Leasing Trends to Follow in Corporate Housing. Largest Housing Inventory - Some companies claim that they are "nationwide" and have only been in business for a couple months. Corporate Housing: A solution for corporate employees who need monthly lodging, usually provided through businesses offering fully-furnished private residences for stays of 30 or more days. Whether you arrange temporary living for mobile employees or need temporary housing yourself, National Corporate Housing delivers an exceptional temporary living experience in the best housing options in the area. 2020 © Corporate Housing by Owner - CHBO Blog. Over the past 40 years, however, corporate housing has evolved into a mainstream lodging segment and today serves a wide range of diverse business travelers and individuals in need of temporary housing. Our software solution allows us to build custom housing quotes given certain request variables: (1,2 or 3 bedroom) combined with a (1 to 12 month lease) combined with (allow pets option) on (floor option). This led to all kinds of issues for both business travelers and property managers. In fact, the Corporate Housing Providers Association reports that relocation is … They found us a place for us AND my 4 dogs. Our first notice-of-loss team is available to assist with insurance housing 24/7/365, weekends, nights, and holidays. 2009 Top Consultants – Consulting Magazine, Jim Bramante, IBM Global Business Services, John Kaltenmark, Accenture Technology Consulting, Jacqueline Olynyk, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Your email address will not be published. See why top companies rely on Preferred Corporate Housing's experience to manage their temporary housing inventory. This cuts down on costs, eliminates the uncertainty of the real estate market, and makes it easy to reverse if the new job doesn’t work out. The employee must accept the lodging to properly perform the duties of employment, and he or she cannot have an option to accept cash in lieu of the lodging. We are working hard getting all of our corporate housing inventory added to the website. Corporate housing, on the other hand, is the fully furnished, temporary housing solution that allows tenants to live more like they would in a real home. Pain-Per-Dollar (PPD): The amount of work that each dollar you invest “costs” you on a property. We have been members of the AIHP (Association of Interim Housing Providers), CHPA (Corporate Housing Providers Association), ERC (Employee Relocation Council), National Business Travel Association (NBTA) and various city chambers of commerce organizations. Check out Corporate Housing By Owner for examples of housing for large companies. offers a variety of temporary housing options: professionally serviced apartments, extended-stay hotels, fully furnished apartments for rent – even privately owned houses, condos and vacation properties. Visit corporate housing listing services online. National offers short-term and long-term housing with flexible lease terms. Relocation Surveys also indicated that, for the first time, prospects for selling and buying real estate surpassed family concern and spouses’ careers as the most important issues! × View rentals for work Prepare to be charmed by the exposed brickwork and quirky decor of this lovely historic home that once sheltered horses in the late 1800s. POWER TIP: Having one consolidated bill is a huge benefit to companies, and corporate housing has that edge over hotels. By participating in the National Account Program, clients will have access to another online set of account management tools which allow for detailed group information on corporate housing inventories.This allows corporate clients to manage their housing inventories more efficiently and effectively. This is whyCorporate Housing by Owner (CHBO) is such an important element in relocation today. We are a nationwide temporary housing company that provides luxury furnished apartments with four or more spacious rooms of living space – plenty of area to work and relax. Thank you for visiting the Preferred Corporate Housing's Company Corner. For the longest time, corporate housing has been an offline market where business travelers and booking agents communicated with property managers directly, turning to the Internet for the sole purpose of finding contact numbers. Preferred Corporate Housing handles all housing requests and management of housing inventories from one central location, eliminating the frustrating inner office communication problems and delayed responses typically found with national corporate housing providers. Business travelers still use corporate housing, as do government employees on extended assignments. From the beginning of the Corporate Housing Industry there have been two primary consumers of corporate housing (1) Relocating Executives and (2) Business Consultants. Corporate housing is particularly useful for relocating employees, especially corporate executives. When we were flooded out of our house and had to find a place to live in a matter of hours this company came through. Corporate Housing By Owner benchmarks their prices based on high-end hotels. These surveys also highlighted companies trend to Lump Sum Relocation packages allowing employees to look for their own corporate housing through resources like CHBO.
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